Busy conference fall!

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The summer is coming to an end. It was a productive summer this year. A lot of diving and orca whatching. And I even had time for a trip to Microsoft before rushing in to the conference season 🙂

I’m speaking at SQL Saturdays in Cambridge and Katowitze so far, apart from arranging the SQL Saturday Gothenburg for the third time. This year the Gothenburg day is in a new place, the Lindholmen Science park. I hope that will be good for us all.

Two more SQL Saturday opportunities

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Right when I was prepairing my session for the #sqlsat525 in Rheinland, I got notified that one of my sessions was selected for the #sqlsat520 in Cambridge.

I’m happy, humbled and a bit proud to have been given this exciting assignment. If you are the least bit interested in SQL Server, you really have to join one of the (totaly free) SQL Saturdays all over the globe. Especially considering the imminent SQL Server 2016 launch.

TechEd Europe 2014

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I have been selected to staff at TechEd in Barcelona. So if you are there, go to the Data Platform Booth. That’s where I’ll be standing answering questions all day long. I’m also representing SQL Server at the “Ask the experts” session once again. That’ll be really exciting! Before that I hope to make it in time for the SQL Server Saturday that also is in Barcelona.

Another session selected

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This time in Oslo. (http://sqlsaturday.com/317/eventhome.aspx)
I hear Norway is nice this time of the year, and my aunt was eaten by a moose…
No seriously 🙂 My session is only one of many and all of them are worthy your attendance. There are still room, last time I checked so go!!!

Speakers dinner on the way

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I was selected as a speaker at the SQL Saturday #275 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now I’m at the hotel, polishing the presentation while waiting for the speakers dinner.

<yoda>A nice tradition, the speakers dinners are. </yoda>

Hopefully a lot of people will join tomorrow for a day full of SQL Server stuff.

Links and downloads will show up after the conference…

SQL Saturday Homepage

SQL Rally done…

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OK, so I survived.

My talk was about query plans and statistics and had a moderate 200 level. There was a lot of administrators listening, so I really hope they got their moneys worth out of it. I’ve heard a couple of comments, mostly positive so I’m over all content.

I realized that one hour is only sixty minutes, and those minutes are not slowing down when I need to have more time. I had material for around 70-75 minutes and thought that the stress level I’d be in with 100+ attendees would make me talk fast and forget stuff, but no such luck 🙂 I had to compress the statistics part a lot, but I think I managed to make all of it to make sense in the end.

However, the big success indicator will be when/if I’ll be invited to another conference… Good things come to those who wait 🙂